Ms. Marie-Laure Grandjean

Dental Hygienist,

Clinic of General, Special care, and Geriatric Dentistry,

Centre of Dental Medicine,

University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Ms. Grandjean obtained her diploma in dental hygiene in 2009 from the school for dental hygiene in Geneva, Switzerland. Ms. Grandjean has worked as a dental hygienist for over 10 years in private dental practices. She is an active member of association of the Swiss Dental Hygienists; and is responsible for the continuing education programs conducted for the hygienists in the Swiss-French regional section. In 2017, Ms. Grandjean co-founded a private company which is actively involved in the developing and organizing continuing education courses for the swiss dental hygienist.

Currently, she works uniquely in university-setting dental clinics at the Universities of Zürich and Geneva in Switzerland. She has authored publications in peer-reviewed journal of repute and presented in both national and international conferences. Her research interests revolve around prevention and oral hygiene care in older adults and in people with special needs.