Cristina Ferreira RDH, BSc

Cristina Ferreira works with the oral health team that coordinates the National Oral Health Promotion Programme (NOHPP) of the Directorate-General for Health, in Portugal. Cristina is co-responsible for NOHPP, in the elaboration of technical documents related to the implementation, operationalization and evaluation of the Programme. She also teaches courses for health and education professionals. Cristina was one of those responsible for three national studies on the prevalence of oral diseases, representative at regional and national level of the population residing in Portugal. In addition she works in the team that conducts the Project SOBE+ (Oral Health School Libraries) and participates in the elaboration of playful and educational materials for 2300 libraries of the School Library Network for the development of oral health literacy and health promotion activities in kindergartens and primary schools. Cristina was president and vice president of Portuguese Association of Oral Hygienists.